With the haunting face of actress Renée Falconetti playing the doomed Joan of Arc as inspiration, Vancouver-based composer Stefan Smulovitz has written a luminous score to accompany Carl Dreyer's 1928 silent film,The Passion of Joan of Arc. Performed by the Eye of Newt Ensemble, this PuSh Festival commissioned piece for ten musicians includes text by Colin Browne and combines the stunning voice of Viviane Houle with the city's top instrumentalists and Christ Church Cathedral's legendary pipe organ, in a sublime tribute to one of film's most enduring performances.


Peggy Lee performs my solo cello piece for cello and live processing. The piece was written for Monique Lamoureux whose great spirit inspired the piece. It was part of a larger work called Marginalia inspired by the works of Roy Kiyooka and performed as part of the Vancouver New Music Alcan presentation at the Vancouver East Cultural centre in 2008.

Below is a live recording of the Houle Smulovitz Duo performing at the Western Front as part of the 2008 Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Viviane Houle - Voice, Stefan Smulovitz - Viola & Laptop(Kenaxis). The Houle Smulovitz Duo has been performing for over ten years and continues to develop new and exciting projects. You can purchase their CD here.

Below are some clips of my work. You can check out the software systems I have developed for creating music at and a few iPod/iPhone scenes for the RJDJ app here.

Photo by

Stefan Smulovitz


Photo by

Margit Sage